Thursday, May 28, 2015

Marble Restoration in NYC

Marble is a naturally occurring beautiful stone formation, created by applying great amounts of pressure over a long period of time to a type of limestone. This natural phenomenon is what leads to marbles smooth, beautiful texture and color. 

When we install marble fixtures in our homes or offices, we transform a common room into a wonderful display of decorative perfection. However, overtime, dirt, dust and other imperfections can find themselves trapped in your marble's porous surface. Restoring your home or office's marble countertops and floors to its beautiful and lustrous shine takes a professional. If you are in need of marble restoration in NYC, let the experts at State Wide Stone Care help you.

State Wide Stone Care uses the latest equipment and up to date Marble Restoration Services techniques to deliver beautiful results and get your home or business to look shiny and new, just like it did when you first had it installed in your home or office. Our stone care professionals understand how to properly work the surface of your marble fixtures to ensure the luster it once held is restored.

If you are interested in marble restoration in NYC, call State Wide Stone Care today for a free estimate at 1-888-574-5595. We look forward to helping you.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Granite Company in NYC

Are you looking to breathe life into your home by installing Granite countertops in your bathroom or kitchen? Or perhaps you are interested in granite flooring for your business? Let the experts at State Wide Stone Care, a granite company in NYC, help you. Granite is one of the hardest stones in the world and the only stone harder than steel that isn't precious. The nonporous surface of granite and extreme durability have made it a popular stone throughout history for sculptures, memorials and buildings. This wonderful stone's immense durability makes it a perfect choice for home and office d├ęcor. Perfect for countertops, granite is resistant to knives and heat. Granite comes in many colors, and it makes for a beautiful and unique accent to any home renovation.

Because of its durability, granite requires less maintenance than most other types of countertops and flooring options. An occasional professional cleaning will maintain the lustrous appearance the stone is known for. Our granite company in NYC can help you with a wide variety of granite services, including:

Our stone care professionals use the latest equipment and up to date stone restoration & repair techniques to give your clients the best to keep your granite looking as new as the day you had it installed.

to learn more about how State Wide Stone Care can help you, Call for a free granite service quote today at 1-888-574-5595.