Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Marble Restoration NYC

People often say, when it comes to other trades, anyone could do that job. This could not be less truthful when it comes to cleaning and Marble Restoration in NYC. The skilled operatives are required to learn comprehensively about the different types of machinery, cleaning techniques and product formulations; and are also required to implement this knowledge for the different stone types. Restoration of marble or natural stone may comprise of scratches, dull spot removal from the surface of the marble using abrasive process. This method is known as a stone grinding.

Marble Restoration NYC
Marble surfaces have the ability to shine on its own and does not necessarily require a top layer of wax to achieve this preferred finish. Marble only require a succession of diamond pads correctly used by a skilled worker who is experienced in the field. They are followed by an intricate polishing process that can only be attained through practice. Marble restoration of a matte finish involves the use of a succession of diamond pads or powders until the preferred end.

Marble restoration NYC experts need to be careful to protect the walls and furniture from splashes and dents. The diamond grinding technique requires a quantity of water and if the procedure is not correctly done, it may damage the wood floor or floor covering next to a marble.

Flamed finish granite restoration can be performed using the abrasive powder or abrasive brushes. For small or outdoor items may be used technique similar to the factory processing of the flamed finish. This is a heating by flame the granite surface, and then fast cooling by water so inner crystals will pop up producing the flamed finish.

The flaming method requires the use of an open flame torch. The expert needs to ensure the environment is not flammable and that proper ventilation is available. The restoration of varying stone surface may require different techniques and processes.

Our stone cleaning and restoration specialists at Statewide Stone Care possess the adequate knowledge and experience to ensure the best stone sealer and stone cleaning products are used. This will ensure your tiles maintain its beautiful appearance and also improves the lifespan of your marble tiles. 
Statewide Stone Care

Your stone cleaning expert at Statewide Stone Care offers you a no obligation quotation which allows you to learn about the company and the services they provide. It makes you confident in the capabilities of the company as you will be dealing with professionals. The company also advises you on a regular maintenance program.

Marble tiles are a great have for any home or business; their combination of aesthetic and durability makes for a superior finish. Regular cleaning by professionals will for an appreciation of the marble luxury qualities and stylish look.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Stone Repair in NYC

Natural stone is commonly used as a decorative tool for homes and businesses. Not only do they offer durability, but their natural beauty can't be matched. Stone surfaces can be the center point of any area for their ability to transform an average space into a luxurious, center point of any home or business.

Stone can be used for many areas throughout a space including stairs, sculptures, fireplace, flooring, counter tops and more. Most often, stone surfaces are used in high foot traffic areas, and it's highly susceptible to receive damages. Such damages being cracks, chipped asides, dullness or stains. All of which being an unappealing look for people walking into the area. A couple stone types like Marble, Limestone, Granite and more are sensitive to certain liquids, especially any with acidic components.

Stone Repair in NYC

A stone repair in NYC helps fix those damages, giving you the smooth and clean stone surface that was original. To achieve such services, you would need the skills and expertise from an expert stone company, like Statewide Stone Care. 

Statewide Stone Care has provided exceptional stone repair services for many satisfied customers in NYC. We understand that when people invest their time to get the stone repair required, they want a professional that will complete the job to the customer's highest satisfaction. Our stone care experts have over 10 years of experience performing a variety of stone repairs and restorations. Our google reviews speak for themselves! 

Please contact one of our professionals, at Statewide Stone Care, for a consultation on  stone repair in NYC.

Apart from stone repair services, our professional stone care staff can provide restorations for your stone surface as well. We use state-of-the-art equipment and methods to give you the stone repair in NYC. Don't wait too long to care for your stone!

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