Friday, March 18, 2016

Granite Countertop Repair NYC

It’s possible that your granite countertop costed you a small fortune to purchase and repair. Understandably so, granite is a very durable, gorgeous material to choose as your countertops. Unfortunately, accidents do occur and these countertops can chip, and crack. We can help restore your natural stone with granite countertop repair in NYC.

The natural stone specialists at Statewide Stone Care are experts at repairing your granite to its former, attractive appearance. We take meticulous steps to ensure that your granite is repaired using quality products and equipment in combination with our own leading methods and procedures. We are passionate about natural stone and believe it enhances the appeal of any home. We take granite countertop repair in NYC as seriously, with the same understanding employed to restore the stunning, unique qualities found in your granite stone.

We have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your countertop will look beautiful once we complete the job. While you may be motivated to take on the repair yourself we do urge against it. Not having the right tools and understanding the proper methods could lead to further, irreversible damages. Let us help you to avoid that with granite countertop repair in NYC so your countertop can return to its former state.

Accidents that cause cracks or chipping are very common with granite countertops. You can be absolutely careful and take proper care of it, but accidents do occur. We want to make sure your granite countertop lasts you a lifetime, and remains something you’ll be proud of until you’re ready to move onto something new. Granite has a timeless quality that really elevates the aesthetic appeal of any space.

The important thing to remember at the point of a fissure is to make sure its condition doesn’t become any worse. This is why it’s best to call us in to take care of the matter. These cracks can grow larger if put under weight or frequent irritation. If possible, cover the affected area with something that would discourage people from placing things or using that area of your countertops.

All NYC neighborhoods can benefit from our affordable granite countertop repair in NYC, including:

 If you have any questions about our granite countertop repair services please feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to address any inquiries or concerns you may have.

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Natural Stone Restoration NYC

Natural stone surfaces can be undeniably beautiful. Though over time their natural glow and beauty can begin to fade. Through years of usage their timeless quality can diminish and become dull. Do not fret, our team has the knowledge and experience required to rejuvenate your natural stone surfaces to their previous appeal with natural stone restoration in NYC

At Statewide Stone Care, we want to ensure that these quality, precious surfaces retain the aesthetic quality and amplify the spaces they occupy. Our natural stone specialists have over a decades worth of experience uplifting the appearance of natural stone. From countertops to floors, we use our expert natural stone knowledge and skills to deliver beautiful results. If your natural stone suffers from cracks, chipping, or needs service, our natural stone restoration in NYC is the solution for you.

To ensure that your stone surfaces stay as beautiful as they ever were, the proper restoration practices need to stay in order. Whatever conditions your surfaces are in we promise to put our best efforts into play and restore the stone to ideal condition. It’s possible that you simply want to maintain the pristine surfaces you have currently. We can help with that as well.

Natural stone surfaces are not only very durable, but require very little maintenance in terms of cleaning. When stone surfaces begin to wear or become cracked and chipped this could make that task all the more difficult. Natural stone restoration in NYC does away with that dilemma. With proper care and polishing, these surfaces become an absolute breeze to clean. This is especially important when the stone covers large areas in a space. 

Restoring the stone also becomes of great importance when you’re looking to sell a home or building. It increases the value and overall appeal to buyers. So if you’re looking to sell, it’s ideal to have floors and other surfaces looking their absolute best.

Natural stone is the obvious choice for many people looking to design a space. It’s gorgeous, and makes any space look refined and timeless. Our team will ensure this innate quality remains and sustains from here into the foreseeable future.

Our affordable natural stone restoration in NYC treats many varieties of natural stone, including:

If you have any questions about our natural stone restoration services please free to contact us. We’ll be happy to address any inquiries and concerns you may have. 

For more information about natural stone restoration in NYC, call Statewide Stone Care at (888) 574-5595.