Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Stone Polishing in NYC

Stones are natural rocks that occur in a variety of textures, types and quality. They can be worked into different shapes and sizes to be used for building and construction purposes. In fact they are highly preferred for their beauty, value, versatility and durability. Examples of such stones include granite, marble and sandstone and they can be used for floors, pillars, walls, worktops, work surfaces, tiles, fireplaces, headstones and the likes. Stone polishing does more than improve the appearance of stones. The true beauty and value of stones become apparent when they are polished. Stone polishing requires a great deal of care and precision whether floors or work surfaces, it’s basically a job for the experts. At Statewide Stone Care, we dedicate lots of time to stone polishing in NYC and our experts will handle the job with great care and expertise.
Stone Polishing in NYC 

The act of polishing stones is important as it’s a defining factor in the use and maintenance of the stone. The process is actually the final of many processes involved in removing imperfections and bringing out the best of each type of stone. The right way to get stone polished is to allow a professional take a look. The advantages are innumerable and they include the following:
  • Licensed and insured technical know-how
  • Allowance for speedy and emergency services
  • The availability of superior skills and expertise, plus professional advice where necessary. Thus the likelihood of damage or defacement is minimally reduced.
  • The process requires sophisticated tools and safety equipment that a professional company will have. Apart from the fact that the tools cost a bit and may take up some space, they’ll go to waste if not frequently used.
  • It takes a lot of time and energy to polish stones so allowing a professional to handle it will save you time, stress and unnecessary cost.
There are as different types of polishing as there are different types of stones but Professional stone polishing is done with the use of high-tech mechanical equipment. Stone polishing can also be carried out using materials like, silicon carbide, aluminium oxide, resin, diamond dust and water, to gradually decrease particle sizes and achieve a great polish.

Stone does not come cheap whether in installation or in maintenance but a hiring a professional from a reputable company will save you a whole lot of stress and unnecessary costs over time. You also get to save money that will otherwise be spent on messy jobs and sleep well knowing that you are in good hands. Statewide Stone Care has been polishing stone for many years and we know how to get the job done efficiently and we’ll leave your stone surfaces looking excellent.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Marble Repair in NYC

There is nothing quite as pristine and as easy to clean as marble surfaces. For the modern home, whether it is in the kitchen or the bathroom, marble counter tops are a clear favorite.  Every interior decorator and designer will tell you about how much of a difference an authoritative marble can make to a room, especially, after a renovation project. However, individuals are often worried about the inevitable edging and cracking that comes with prolonged use.  Marble is a moderately soft stone, which means that it is prone to marking owing to its calcium carbonate composition.

Marble Repair in NYC 
We at Statewide Stone Care would like to discuss when marble repair in NYC might be necessary and what happens during a repair.  

When acid reacts with the calcium carbonate, it corrodes and affects the lining of the surface, which results in dull spots that are commonly known as etches.  Marble kitchen countertops are especially prone to etching owing to the sauces from food such as lemon or tomato juice.  Please note that etching is not the same as staining.

Etches actually change the structure and the color of the marble, much like a scratch.  Aside from etching, marble is also a magnet for cracks, chips, and scratches that may occur as a result of accidents. Industry grade marble, which is mostly found in homes, is not as strong as the marble found in a community center or on a staircase. While etches are easy to fix, the scratches, holes and the cracks will typically require the assistance of a professional so as to get the right epoxy treatment. Although people often attempt personal marble repair, the process is better left to the experts like us at Statewide Stone Care.  

Marble Repair in NYC 
Marble repair
Depending on the scope of damage to the marble, marble repair, especially for etches can be done individually at home.  A round of epoxy or a reactive maintaining solution can be used to take care of etches, stains, glass rings, pits and sometimes small scratches. However, where cracks are involved, expert help is needed.

The procedure for stain removal depends on the substance that caused the stain as well as the extent of the staining.  For etch marks, the solution depends on the finish of the marble. Marble can have a polished, honed, hammered, tumbled or a flame surface, etc. Therefore, the method that you chose should pay attention to the surface finish of the marble.

Large projects typically require intensive repair such as diamond polishing. Diamond polishing is a process that creates a new surface using specialized pads and equipment.  When professional restoration or repair is required, an expert has the capacity to which technique and products to use so as to avoid further damage to the surface. 

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