Monday, November 23, 2015

Granite Repair in NYC

Granite is among the versatile stones available for your home’s design. This surface material is both beautiful and highly durable. It is meant to last severe wear and tear and all sorts of potential threats from water and debris. Still, like any other stone, granite repair in NYC is a necessity. Our expert methods at Statewide Stone Care have gained us a reputation as a trusted source of granite repair in NYC. Our professionals are passionate about stones and their unique care methods, and we use our knowledge to restore the appearance of granite countertops and flooring for residents of NYC. Granite can take damage from all sorts of typical uses, but most commonly time is the largest factor that necessitates professional granite repair. So what types of problems will our granite repair service promise to tackle?

The most common problem associated with granite and other stones is discoloration. As the years will pass, colors will fade. This is to be expected. Still, there are ways you can avoid the discoloration by using only certified cleaning products and taking care of your surface top whenever anything is resting atop it. However, when you see the colors begin to fade, you don’t need to think about replacing the stone. We can restore the color to new light and bring it back to its original shimmer and shine with professional granite repair in NYC.

What about cracks and tears? These occur from water building up within the stone’s foundation. Try to avoid puddles sitting on the granite for extending periods of time to prevent cracks from appearing. We can’t repair large cracks of course, this will demand a complete replacement. But for smaller cracks and tears, we can set the granite straight.

When acids come into contact with the stone, they can wreak havoc on the surface. Many drinks contain acids, so be very careful about spillages. But the main way acids come into contact with your granite is through everyday cleaning products. When buying products to wash your granite’s surface, be sure that you look for products made specifically for granite and other stones. General wood polish or window cleaner could seep into the granite and cause splitting, peaking, cracking, white residue, and much more. Take care of your stone to prevent these issues. But in the event that you already have an aforementioned problem, we’ll be happy to restore your stone with our affordable granite repair in NYC.

We also perform the following granite services in NYC:
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Monday, November 16, 2015

Slate Cleaning in NYC

Are you looking for slate cleaning in NYC? For years, Statewide Stone Care has provided expert slate cleaning for residents of NYC, restoring the appearance of this beautiful stone to dazzle guests in homes and offices around the city. Our leading methods and attention to detail rejuvenate the look of slate promptly, Slate is a beautiful stone that brings new life to any surface it’s installed upon. We see slate on roofs, but the material is also commonly installed on driveways, walkways, countertops and flooring. The surface is highly versatile, long lasting, and a beauty to the eyes. Slate makes anything look more gorgeous and appealing. But when it gets dirty, suddenly its appeal is reversed. You have a hard time looking at it, because it reminds you of how the stone used to look. Fret no more, our expert slate cleaning in NYC gets the slate looking clean, fresh, and restores its natural beauty.

Many homeowners have called us after they attempted to perform slate clean in NYC themselves. The results were less than kind. Some customers had chipped and damaged panels, necessitating a complete replacement, because of their carelessness. Others just simply made the stone more undesirable. Cleaning precious stones requires a delicate touch. One must know the slate in and out before they try to tackle this job. We have years of experience in the field, and bring our expertise to every job. We stay on top of industry advancements and send our professionals to take the latest training. We are passionate about stone, and we love to see it come back to life.

Nobody can deny the power of a clean home. When everything is clean and tidy, the overall look is more appealing. Dirt and grime have a tendency to cause people to avert their eyes. Don’t cause heads to turn away from your home. Draw the attention to how well you care about your home with slate cleaning in NYC for your countertops and floors. A professional will not only clean the tiles, but check their overall condition. While slate is meant to last for lifetimes and beyond, general repair and maintenance should be expected throughout this time. With a thorough inspection, we can save you money later on in more pricey replacement jobs. Then, clean slate will be the least of your worries.

Along with our professional slate cleaning in NYC, we cater to residents of NYC with:
When your slate is looking dulled, call us for affordable slate cleaning in NYC that will restore the appearance of your countertop and floors, and make your home brighter and cleaner.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Marble Repair in NYC

Marble is a wonderful natural stone that is extra durable and extremely fashionable. The benefits of marble are vast. Some palaces made from marble several thousand years ago are still standing tall today. But that wouldn’t be possible without craftsman performing expert marble repair in NYC, restoring it to its optimal condition. Through regular maintenance, it is no exaggeration to say that marble can last forever. At Statewide Stone Care, we use leading methods to rejuvenate your marble and give your countertop or floor restored value and shine. Without cracks and imperfections, your marble will dazzle guests to your home or office. So what are some of the common problems associated with this glorious material?

Marble is known for its water and liquid resistant properties. However, drinks with acid in them can cause a problem known as etching to appear in your marble. Chemical cleaners with acid will also cause this etching, or dull spots to sit within the stone. If the etching is deep, we can resurface the marble and restore it to its natural color pattern.

Marble can also lose its shine over extending periods of time. This is a natural part of the stone’s aging process. But if you want to roll back the clock and rejuvenate your stone’s shine, professional marble repair in NYC is right up your alley. After we polish your marble, you’ll see a more beautiful, resilient shine.

Although marble is made to endure water, everything has its breaking point. Large amounts of water or salt used to remove ice in the winter can cause several problems to the look of your stone. The marble can begin spalling, which is when small pieces of the stone begin to protrude from its surface. We need to stop this spalling immediately, before it necessitates a complete replacement of the marble stone. If you notice any flaking or pitting on the stone, the solution is simple. Marble repair in NYC, performed by our dedicated professionals, will provide you prompt relief.

The marble can take damage from a number of other environmental or weather factors, but we’ve listed three of the most common issues we see in the field that require prompt marble repair in NYC. 
We also serve NYC with the following marble services:

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Slate Restoration in NYC

Slate is a wonderful material to add to your roof and interior or exterior floor and walls. If you have slate and are seeking a revival of its colors, then slate restoration in NYC might be the job you’re seeking. There’s many ways a slate restoration job can increase the beauty of your home. At Statewide Stone Care, we use industry standard equipment, products, and our years of experience to bring your slate back to its former beauty. Our expert slate professionals know the methods to enhance its appearance and longevity, and we pride ourselves on being dedicated to your satisfaction. Aside from restoring slate's colors, the tiles will be cleaned, treated for scratches and tears, and sealed to prevent further deterioration.

Like any material, slate will begin to fade over time. While this does not mean the slate will lose its durability or long lifespan, it does mean the curb appeal is minimized. Faded or worn out tiles will make your home look unappealing. Most of the time this fading comes from cleaning products that homeowners use without the proper consultation or their contractor. These products will add chemical buildup on the slate which will add to its discoloration. That is why our slate restoration in NYC service begins with a proper cleaning.

We’ll begin by removing all contaminants from the slate, including dust, dirt, debris, and buildup from the previous mentioned cleaning products (if applicable). In order to properly restore the tiles, anything that is causing its decay must be first neutralized and wiped away.

Next, we’ll apply a sealant to the slate to help prevent these buildups from taking place in the future. The proper sealant will act as a deterrent to anything that hopes to rest atop your slate, including stains from all types of debris and buildup.

Then we’ll restore the color of the tiles using the best enhancers on the market. These enhancers will assist in the material’s ability to reflect light, making your slate tiles shine, literally. They also bring out the colors of the slate materials, giving you a more pronounced color than you ever thought was possible. In all, this is our favorite step as our clients see their slate go from faded to vibrant and new.

While tiles made from slate are some the longest lasting materials on the market, they does require some upkeep. By calling our experts for a professional slate restoration in NYC service, you’ll get a surface that’s both durable and beautiful.

We perform many slate services, including: 
When you need professional and prompt slate restoration in NYC, call the experts at Statewide Stone Care today at (888) 574-5595.

For over a decade, we've been dedicated to providing exceptional slate and customer service. For a glimpse at what our previous customers have said, please see our slate restoration in NYC reviews.