Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Slate Restoration in NYC

Slate is a wonderful material to add to your roof and interior or exterior floor and walls. If you have slate and are seeking a revival of its colors, then slate restoration in NYC might be the job you’re seeking. There’s many ways a slate restoration job can increase the beauty of your home. At Statewide Stone Care, we use industry standard equipment, products, and our years of experience to bring your slate back to its former beauty. Our expert slate professionals know the methods to enhance its appearance and longevity, and we pride ourselves on being dedicated to your satisfaction. Aside from restoring slate's colors, the tiles will be cleaned, treated for scratches and tears, and sealed to prevent further deterioration.

Like any material, slate will begin to fade over time. While this does not mean the slate will lose its durability or long lifespan, it does mean the curb appeal is minimized. Faded or worn out tiles will make your home look unappealing. Most of the time this fading comes from cleaning products that homeowners use without the proper consultation or their contractor. These products will add chemical buildup on the slate which will add to its discoloration. That is why our slate restoration in NYC service begins with a proper cleaning.

We’ll begin by removing all contaminants from the slate, including dust, dirt, debris, and buildup from the previous mentioned cleaning products (if applicable). In order to properly restore the tiles, anything that is causing its decay must be first neutralized and wiped away.

Next, we’ll apply a sealant to the slate to help prevent these buildups from taking place in the future. The proper sealant will act as a deterrent to anything that hopes to rest atop your slate, including stains from all types of debris and buildup.

Then we’ll restore the color of the tiles using the best enhancers on the market. These enhancers will assist in the material’s ability to reflect light, making your slate tiles shine, literally. They also bring out the colors of the slate materials, giving you a more pronounced color than you ever thought was possible. In all, this is our favorite step as our clients see their slate go from faded to vibrant and new.

While tiles made from slate are some the longest lasting materials on the market, they does require some upkeep. By calling our experts for a professional slate restoration in NYC service, you’ll get a surface that’s both durable and beautiful.

We perform many slate services, including: 
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For over a decade, we've been dedicated to providing exceptional slate and customer service. For a glimpse at what our previous customers have said, please see our slate restoration in NYC reviews.

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