Friday, December 18, 2015

Marble Polishing NYC

Are you looking for marble polishing in NYC? Statewide Stone Care uses our experience and knowledge gained over a decade to make countertops, floors, vanities, and more shine again. Our fully-trained marble professionals use the right products to enhance the appearance of your marble, and our attention to detail ensures that the job is completed fully and efficiently. 

A home made with marble floors, surfaces, and spreads can be a wonder to behold. Nothing in the world retains the immediate appeal of marble. When drawn to the eye, any spectators will think the home is both elegant and unique. Marble will spruce up any location with its gorgeous, natural design and its guarantee to last for years longer than maybe even the home will stand. But when marble begins to fade or wear out, you may have an opposite feeling. You may look at the home and wonder where the beauty went. It went nowhere, in fact. It’s waiting for you to find it again with help from professional marble polishing in NYC.

Marble won’t give up on you as long as you treat it with the respect it deserves. The material is built to last, and that’s not hyperbole. You’ll find structures of marble in NY outlasting their designers in nearly every example. But any marble surface that strikes your eye does so for one reason: the owners of the property took the time and care to polish their surface. They didn’t skimp on care, and most importantly, they didn’t try to perform marble polishing in NYC on their own. Much like you could give yourself a haircut, but probably shouldn’t. You could polish your marble surface. But why take the risk?

There’s no risk when you come to us for expert marble polishing in NYC. We know the beauty that lies beneath your marble floor, surface, or spread. We've seen and restored marble ranging from slightly blemished to entirely covered with build-up. You chose marble for its appeal and long-lasting promise. Now we’re here to deliver that on the other end. With a marble polishing job, you’ll not only see new colors and radiance in your marble, you’ll feel the life has been restored to your home. Stay on top of your marble, and let it shine on your behalf.

For more information about our affordable marble polishing in NYC, call Statewide Stone Care today at (888) 574-5595.

Monday, December 14, 2015

NYC Stone Care

New York City is much more than a city. The location is a living, breathing work of art. Combining impressive architectural structures with modern engineering feats, you find this statement of beauty even in the skyline. And the natural stones across the city shine their own unique brand of beauty. You may wonder how these stones retain that natural, gritty, urban appeal. NYC stone care ensures that natural stone looks beautiful for residents and tourists alike. At Statewide Stone Care, our natural stone experts understand the intricacies of a wide variety of natural stones, using the right equipment, products, and methods to ensure that NYC stone care is performed with expert levels of attention. We pride ourselves on our many years of trusted service and work hard to install or restore natural stone to shine and last for years to come.

The old saying goes, “If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.” That saying is extra true for old natural stones, such as marble and granite. They not only make it in New York, they make their impact for a longer period of time than the city has been around with granite and marble refinishing in NYC. There’s a reason why natural stone is still in use, even through the modern age. These stones look great and last a century or longer with expert stone restoration in NYC. And once they are installed, you’ll hardly ever have to replace them. This is all because of the care, maintenance, repair, polishing, cleaning, and more done by professional NYC stone care specialists.

New York calls to people from all over the globe. In many ways, the city is a microcosm of what exists everywhere in the globe. You find people of all types, cultures, backgrounds, interests, and more. You also find this diversity in the building and design of the city itself. Natural stones contrasted with large buildings make the city stand out among the rest. This appeal is seen right down to the barest of New York’s locales. All across the city, natural stones are being cared for at this very minute with professional NYC stone care. Don’t be left behind. Don’t let your natural stone hide its wondrous beauty beneath dirt, grime, and decay. Just like New York, under the grit, there’s a surface built to last through anything.

We are experienced in a variety of natural stones, including:
For more information about our affordable NYC stone care, call Statewide Stone Care today at (888) 574-5595.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Marble Cleaning in NYC

Marble is among the most elegant and beautiful natural stones in the world and in the construction industry. Marble is so versatile that it can be installed in nearly every corner of the home. Marble is so durable that some statues, monuments, and structures built from marble have lasted hundreds or even thousands of years. But marble, like anything else in the world, can wear out over time. This is not a knock on the surface or how you handle it, it’s just a simple fact of life. That is when marble cleaning in NYC can not only restore new life to your stone, but new life to your home as well.

At Statewide Stone Care, our professionals are trained and well-versed on how to illuminate your marble. Our professional marble cleaning in NYC restores your countertops, floor, vanities, and more to their former attraction. We use industry-standard products to ensure that your marble shines.

The most common problem marble owners have with their stone is fading colors. This is shown on any color marble slab, but most easily seen on white marble. You’ll see the white slowly fade to yellow. Or even worse, brown or caked over with black. This is natural, don’t worry. But it’s not permanent! We make our living showing homeowners such as you that marble has an incredibly durable lifespan. What looks like a stone worth replacing is actually hiding a luscious display of beauty underneath. All you need to do is whisk away the filth with marble cleaning in NYC and you’ll soon see the stone from a new light.

But cleaning a precious stone is not a job that an amateur should attempt to tackle on their own. Using the wrong cleaning products, or the right products in the wrong way, can damage your marble for good. Not only this, you may be disappointed at the lackluster effort your marble puts forth in the cleaning process. Don’t blame the stone. We are expert marble cleaners in NYC for a reason. We know how to get the most out of the surface and restore it to the beauty you first fell in love with. You may even see the stone form a more brilliant shine. 

We provide affordable marble cleaning in NYC, as well as the following services:

For more information about professional marble cleaning in NYC, call Statewide Stone Care at (888) 574-5595.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Granite Repair in NYC

Granite is among the versatile stones available for your home’s design. This surface material is both beautiful and highly durable. It is meant to last severe wear and tear and all sorts of potential threats from water and debris. Still, like any other stone, granite repair in NYC is a necessity. Our expert methods at Statewide Stone Care have gained us a reputation as a trusted source of granite repair in NYC. Our professionals are passionate about stones and their unique care methods, and we use our knowledge to restore the appearance of granite countertops and flooring for residents of NYC. Granite can take damage from all sorts of typical uses, but most commonly time is the largest factor that necessitates professional granite repair. So what types of problems will our granite repair service promise to tackle?

The most common problem associated with granite and other stones is discoloration. As the years will pass, colors will fade. This is to be expected. Still, there are ways you can avoid the discoloration by using only certified cleaning products and taking care of your surface top whenever anything is resting atop it. However, when you see the colors begin to fade, you don’t need to think about replacing the stone. We can restore the color to new light and bring it back to its original shimmer and shine with professional granite repair in NYC.

What about cracks and tears? These occur from water building up within the stone’s foundation. Try to avoid puddles sitting on the granite for extending periods of time to prevent cracks from appearing. We can’t repair large cracks of course, this will demand a complete replacement. But for smaller cracks and tears, we can set the granite straight.

When acids come into contact with the stone, they can wreak havoc on the surface. Many drinks contain acids, so be very careful about spillages. But the main way acids come into contact with your granite is through everyday cleaning products. When buying products to wash your granite’s surface, be sure that you look for products made specifically for granite and other stones. General wood polish or window cleaner could seep into the granite and cause splitting, peaking, cracking, white residue, and much more. Take care of your stone to prevent these issues. But in the event that you already have an aforementioned problem, we’ll be happy to restore your stone with our affordable granite repair in NYC.

We also perform the following granite services in NYC:
For more information about our effective granite repair in NYC, call Statewide Stone Care today at (888) 574-5595.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Slate Cleaning in NYC

Are you looking for slate cleaning in NYC? For years, Statewide Stone Care has provided expert slate cleaning for residents of NYC, restoring the appearance of this beautiful stone to dazzle guests in homes and offices around the city. Our leading methods and attention to detail rejuvenate the look of slate promptly, Slate is a beautiful stone that brings new life to any surface it’s installed upon. We see slate on roofs, but the material is also commonly installed on driveways, walkways, countertops and flooring. The surface is highly versatile, long lasting, and a beauty to the eyes. Slate makes anything look more gorgeous and appealing. But when it gets dirty, suddenly its appeal is reversed. You have a hard time looking at it, because it reminds you of how the stone used to look. Fret no more, our expert slate cleaning in NYC gets the slate looking clean, fresh, and restores its natural beauty.

Many homeowners have called us after they attempted to perform slate clean in NYC themselves. The results were less than kind. Some customers had chipped and damaged panels, necessitating a complete replacement, because of their carelessness. Others just simply made the stone more undesirable. Cleaning precious stones requires a delicate touch. One must know the slate in and out before they try to tackle this job. We have years of experience in the field, and bring our expertise to every job. We stay on top of industry advancements and send our professionals to take the latest training. We are passionate about stone, and we love to see it come back to life.

Nobody can deny the power of a clean home. When everything is clean and tidy, the overall look is more appealing. Dirt and grime have a tendency to cause people to avert their eyes. Don’t cause heads to turn away from your home. Draw the attention to how well you care about your home with slate cleaning in NYC for your countertops and floors. A professional will not only clean the tiles, but check their overall condition. While slate is meant to last for lifetimes and beyond, general repair and maintenance should be expected throughout this time. With a thorough inspection, we can save you money later on in more pricey replacement jobs. Then, clean slate will be the least of your worries.

Along with our professional slate cleaning in NYC, we cater to residents of NYC with:
When your slate is looking dulled, call us for affordable slate cleaning in NYC that will restore the appearance of your countertop and floors, and make your home brighter and cleaner.

For more information about slate cleaning in NYC, call Statewide Stone Care today at (888) 574-5595.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Marble Repair in NYC

Marble is a wonderful natural stone that is extra durable and extremely fashionable. The benefits of marble are vast. Some palaces made from marble several thousand years ago are still standing tall today. But that wouldn’t be possible without craftsman performing expert marble repair in NYC, restoring it to its optimal condition. Through regular maintenance, it is no exaggeration to say that marble can last forever. At Statewide Stone Care, we use leading methods to rejuvenate your marble and give your countertop or floor restored value and shine. Without cracks and imperfections, your marble will dazzle guests to your home or office. So what are some of the common problems associated with this glorious material?

Marble is known for its water and liquid resistant properties. However, drinks with acid in them can cause a problem known as etching to appear in your marble. Chemical cleaners with acid will also cause this etching, or dull spots to sit within the stone. If the etching is deep, we can resurface the marble and restore it to its natural color pattern.

Marble can also lose its shine over extending periods of time. This is a natural part of the stone’s aging process. But if you want to roll back the clock and rejuvenate your stone’s shine, professional marble repair in NYC is right up your alley. After we polish your marble, you’ll see a more beautiful, resilient shine.

Although marble is made to endure water, everything has its breaking point. Large amounts of water or salt used to remove ice in the winter can cause several problems to the look of your stone. The marble can begin spalling, which is when small pieces of the stone begin to protrude from its surface. We need to stop this spalling immediately, before it necessitates a complete replacement of the marble stone. If you notice any flaking or pitting on the stone, the solution is simple. Marble repair in NYC, performed by our dedicated professionals, will provide you prompt relief.

The marble can take damage from a number of other environmental or weather factors, but we’ve listed three of the most common issues we see in the field that require prompt marble repair in NYC. 
We also serve NYC with the following marble services:

If you have questions regarding marble repair in NYC, call Statewide Stone Care today at (888) 574-5595.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Slate Restoration in NYC

Slate is a wonderful material to add to your roof and interior or exterior floor and walls. If you have slate and are seeking a revival of its colors, then slate restoration in NYC might be the job you’re seeking. There’s many ways a slate restoration job can increase the beauty of your home. At Statewide Stone Care, we use industry standard equipment, products, and our years of experience to bring your slate back to its former beauty. Our expert slate professionals know the methods to enhance its appearance and longevity, and we pride ourselves on being dedicated to your satisfaction. Aside from restoring slate's colors, the tiles will be cleaned, treated for scratches and tears, and sealed to prevent further deterioration.

Like any material, slate will begin to fade over time. While this does not mean the slate will lose its durability or long lifespan, it does mean the curb appeal is minimized. Faded or worn out tiles will make your home look unappealing. Most of the time this fading comes from cleaning products that homeowners use without the proper consultation or their contractor. These products will add chemical buildup on the slate which will add to its discoloration. That is why our slate restoration in NYC service begins with a proper cleaning.

We’ll begin by removing all contaminants from the slate, including dust, dirt, debris, and buildup from the previous mentioned cleaning products (if applicable). In order to properly restore the tiles, anything that is causing its decay must be first neutralized and wiped away.

Next, we’ll apply a sealant to the slate to help prevent these buildups from taking place in the future. The proper sealant will act as a deterrent to anything that hopes to rest atop your slate, including stains from all types of debris and buildup.

Then we’ll restore the color of the tiles using the best enhancers on the market. These enhancers will assist in the material’s ability to reflect light, making your slate tiles shine, literally. They also bring out the colors of the slate materials, giving you a more pronounced color than you ever thought was possible. In all, this is our favorite step as our clients see their slate go from faded to vibrant and new.

While tiles made from slate are some the longest lasting materials on the market, they does require some upkeep. By calling our experts for a professional slate restoration in NYC service, you’ll get a surface that’s both durable and beautiful.

We perform many slate services, including: 
When you need professional and prompt slate restoration in NYC, call the experts at Statewide Stone Care today at (888) 574-5595.

For over a decade, we've been dedicated to providing exceptional slate and customer service. For a glimpse at what our previous customers have said, please see our slate restoration in NYC reviews.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Slate Repair in NYC

Slate is lauded for its beauty and longevity. Although it will last you a century or longer, slate tiles may become chipped or damaged in some capacity. This is normal, as any surface is prone to normal wear and tear. With regular maintenance and repair, your slate will reach its true potential lifespan. Statewide Stone Care employs care and professionalism when performing slate repair in NYC. Our expert stone professionals are knowledgeable and experienced in many types of stone, most certainly including slate, and know the proper methods to promptly repair your slate and return it to it's beautiful state.

First of all, the cost is important for most of us. While slate is durable and aesthetically pleasing, the material is pricey. We don’t need to tell you that. Slate repair in NYC will save you an incredible amount over installing brand new slate tiles. We can restore the tiles to look brand new and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

First we will prep your home by closely inspecting your tiles for any damage. If any sections have missing tiles, we will reinstall that area. Also, we will look for torn, ripped, or cracked tiles. Slate will stand strong against heavy weights and nature’s threats, but the tiles may still have cracked or worn away in some places.

As already mentioned, tiles or sections may need to be replaced. If any large scale damage is found around any specific areas, we may have to replace the tiles for the entire location. Still, this work is prompt and much more affordable than getting an entirely new slate installation done.

You may be thinking that you can tackle these repairs on your own. We are not doubting you, but we offer a warning. We’ve seen many professional construction workers fail with slate. It’s just not an easy material to install or repair. So be warned, and give us a call for slate repair in NYC. Throughout the years, we’ve grown quite accustomed to slate. We’ve learned from experience and through rigorous training how to handle this natural stone surface. You’ll see our quality shine through our work, and that’s a guarantee.

For over a decade, we've been performing exceptional slate repair in NYC and other services including:
When you notice a crack or blemish in your slate, don't hesitate to call the experts at Statewide Stone Care for professional, prompt, and affordable slate repair in NYC at (888) 574-5595.

Our past customers have fallen back in love with their tiles once we finished our jobs! For more reasons to choose us to care for your tiles, please see our slate repair in NYC reviews.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Slate Services in NYC

Slate tiles are more than a work of masterful design. While they look great, they also last a long time. You can install these tiles on your roof, but you might also select slate for your kitchen floor, outdoor patio, bathroom, and more. Durable, beautiful, and versatile, those are three words use to describe slate. At Statewide Stone Care, we are proud to perform slate services in NYC on this fabulous stone. Our expert professionals are well-equipped to repair, restore, or clean slate, returning it to its natural luster. A durable and versatile stone, slate is a great looking and long lasting stone that provide years of satisfaction when maintained. Below are four reasons you may decide to install slate as the preferred walking material on your floor.

Waterproof, Fireproof, You Name It

Slate tiles are amazingly resistant to all natural wonders. On the roof, the tiles help to ward off any spreading fires. On the bathroom or kitchen floor, another of slate’s qualities comes into play: it’s resistance to water. Your driveway or patio might also do well to adapt a waterproof surface. No matter where you install the slate, know it will protect your home from elements.

Stain Resistant

This comes into play more for the indoor installations. Whether it’s a kitchen mess from cooking or a bathroom mess from children, slate does wonders at reflecting stains from seeping into the tiles. A simple wipe down and the slate is good as new. This makes your life much easier, as cleanup times are cut down immeasurably. With our slate services in NYC, we can keep your slate looking great with professional cleaning and polishing methods that will make your tiles shine!

Heavy, Heavy Duty

Slate is the perfect flooring material if you have a very busy household. Ceramic tiles are prone to crack from heavy foot traffic, but slate is meant to last. This is especially important if you have children and want to minimize the need to replace your floors every few years. You don’t need to walk gingerly atop slate, it will withstand weight or force applied to it. When aged, slate can crack. Of course, if something very hard is dropped from a distance, you may need our slate services in NYC. Fortunately, our professional slate repair workers know the stone well and can promptly restore it for affordable prices.

Fashionable and Stylish

Slate tiles come in many colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes. This gives you a design feature for your floor that other options don’t possess. You can choose to match the slate to your home’s existing color scheme or contrast it for added elegance. Here, the power is in your hands. Or, under your feet.

Our slate services in NYC are wide-ranging, including:
For more information about our slate services in NYC, call the slate professionals at Statewide Stone Care today at (888) 574-5595.

Before calling, be sure to see what our past customers have said about us in our slate services reviews in NYC.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Stone Repair Company in NYC

Is your natural stone floor or countertop cracked, chipped, or in need of specialist care from a stone repair company in NYC? With over a decade of experience, our professional team delivers repair methods sure to restore your natural stone to beauty. Our dedication to preserving stone for years to come makes us a leading stone repair company in NYC. And with our commitment to excellent customer satisfaction and affordable rates, you'll be sure to have the result you're looking for at a price within your budget.

Countertops and floors are an integral part of your home. Not only do cracks in stone floors make for potential tripping hazards, but they take the focus off the beauty and place it on a blemish. Many stones like granite and marble are remarkably durable and see lifespans that reach decades, however they are not completely resistant to cracking. A heavy object dropped on your floor or regular stress places on your countertop can eventually crack or split the stone, requiring a stone repair company in NYC to fix the problem.

Don't hesitate to call our stone repair company in NYC when you first notice a chip or light crack in your stone. If left unrepaired, the crack could become deeper and expand throughout the stone, requiring stone replacement at costlier rates. Our stone repair services can remedy your countertop, floor, or backsplash and bring focus back to your stone's natural beauty - where it should be.

With our stone repair company in NYC, you get the years of experience, knowledge, and dedication you should expect for stone repair in NYC. We provide stone services including:
For more information about our stone repair company in NYC, call Statewide Stone Care today at (888) 574-5595.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Marble Repair and Marble Restoration in NYC

Has your countertop received damage recently and you need marble repair in NYC? Perhaps scratches and holes have built up and you're looking for marble restoration in NYC. Either way, our stone repair and restoration experts have years of experience restoring your countertop or floor to its original splendor and can help revitalize your kitchen with our marble repair in NYC and marble restoration in NYC.

Marble is a beautiful stone, fabricated in similar ways as diamonds. The unique swirl of color dazzles homeowners and guests alike and with care, can last a long, long time. But let's face it, accidents happen. Though a particularly tough stone, marble can crack when placed under constant stress or in some cases, when a heavy object is dropped on it (like a pot or pan).

Marble repair in NYC can take care of many separated cracks in your countertop or floor, restoring to its former beauty. These crack repairs must be performed by professionals who know the stone and working methods to fill the crack, otherwise it may still be visible after marble repair in NYC is performed. Our professional team is dedicated to making sure your countertop and floor looks great, and uses marble repair methods that work.

If, over the years, you've noticed your marble losing its shine - it's time for marble restoration in NYC. Unfortunately, marble's surface is prone to dulling if not kept up with and can't simply be restored with a wipe-down. When we perform marble restoration in NYC, we utilize top industry equipment and solutions to re-create the shine in your marble. You'll love watching the sun's rays reflect off your fresh countertop, clear of cracks, dents, and dullness.

We provide marble repair in NYC, marble restoration in NYC, and the following services:

Taking care of your marble is imperative to a long lifespan. Our natural stone experts are prepared to bring your countertop and floor back to its former shine and restore your kitchen and home to shinier days.

If you have questions about marble repair in NYC, marble restoration in NYC, or any of our other marble services in NYC, please call us today at 1 (888) 574-5595.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cracked Stone Repair in NYC

Are you in need of cracked stone repair in NYC? Stone countertops are very strong materials that are built to last. Sometimes, over the years, continuous stress on the stone can cause a visible crack that requires professional care to make sure it is filled correctly to ensure it goes undetected. Our professional stone care restorers have over a decade of experience performing  cracked stone repair in NYC for homes and businesses alike. We use the most up-to-date stone restoration materials and techniques to restore the look of your stone countertop and make it smooth and beautiful again.

As mentioned earlier, stone countertops are built to last. This doesn't mean they can withstand everything - and sometimes accidents happen. A heavy load, pot, or pan dropped on an aged stone countertop can cause cracks, damaging the stone most of the way, or sometimes all the way through. Likewise, years of stress on a countertop may require cracked stone repair in NYC. Though cracks are not quite common in stone, they can sometimes occur near a sink - where the stone is constantly under stress.

Before and after | Cracked stone repair in NYC
Our stone restoration team uses advanced methods to revitalize your countertop. When you call us for cracked stone repair in NYC, you can rest-assured that your countertop will look like new again in no time.

We provide cracked stone repair in NYC for the following stones:

For more information about cracked stone repair in NYC or any of our other stone care services in NYC, please call us today at 1 (888) 574-5595.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Granite Repair in NYC

Are you in need of granite repair in NYC? Many people choose granite to accentuate their home because of its unique quality and tough durability. Like many natural stones, granite can last a lifetime and beyond if maintenance is performed. Sometimes, naturally occurring fissures appear, or the granite cracks or chips. In these situations, granite repair in NYC can restore your granite countertop to its former, beautiful condition. Our professional natural stone restoration professionals have over 10 years of experience with granite repair in NYC, and we can have your countertop looking great in no time.

Things happen accidentally. Over time, granite - while still very durable - can become prone to chipping in rare situations. Sometimes a pot or pan is dropped on granite and chips some of the natural stone. In this instance, you should keep the chipped pieces and call for granite repair in NYC. We ask that you hold onto these pieces because granite is an all-natural stone and unique in its appearance and qualities. Matching a separate chip to your existing countertop is very difficult. With the chipped pieces, we can remedy your granite so it appears without incident.

When under stress, cracks in your granite can become visible. These differ from fissures, which are naturally occurring and typically do not cut through the entire stone. While we repair both fissures and cracks, they require different removal treatment methods. A simple test can be performed to determine whether a crack or fissure has appeared in your granite: run a finger over the affected area. Fissures are very narrow and won't be noticed by touch, however a crack will "catch" a finger from proceeding.

Likewise, cracks have a tendency to appear when granite is under large amounts of stress for long periods of time. Cracks are usually noticed near the kitchen sink, where the stone is under stress frequently. When you notice cracks or fissures, our professional granite repair in NYC service utilizes the most up-to-date methods to make your stone shine again.

Along with granite repair in NYC, Statewide Stone Care performs these services:

For information regarding granite repair in NYC or any of our other granite care services in NYC, call us today at 1 (888) 574-5595.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Marble Repair in NYC

Are you looking for marble repair in NYC? Marble is a very beautiful natural stone that lends itself exceptionally well to countertops in bathrooms and kitchens. However, although marble is a stone, that doesn't mean it's impervious to scratches, dents, cracks, and other blemishes due to wear and tear. If your marble countertops are looking a little worse for wear, Statewide Stone Care can help you. Our marble experts provide affordable and reliable marble repair in NYC.

At Statewide Stone Care, we utilize state of the art equipment and professional techniques for effective marble repair in NYC. When your marble countertops or fixtures have been blemished, scratched, chipped or cracked, our marble repair experts can help you. We will assess the damage to properly diagnose what steps need to be taken to properly repair your marble countertop.

We are a natural stone restoration professionals who have over ten years of natural stone restoration experience. Let us deliver our state of the art residential and commercial stone restoration services for your home or business and we will make your stone shine again.

Let us help you with the affordable and reliable marble repair in NYC that you need for your kitchen or bathroom! If you have marble countertops in your home or office that you need repaired, call Statewide Stone Care at 1-888-574-5595. We offer free marble repair quotes for clients throughout the New York Metropolitan area.
Let us repair your marble for a great price today!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Marble Restoration in NYC

Are you looking for marble restoration in NYC? The experts at Statewide Stone Care provide affordable and reliable marble restoration services throughout the New York Metropolitan Area. You can count on our expert marble restoration specialists to bring your aged marble fixtures back to the fit and finish they had when it was first installed!

Marble is a type of limestone that is formed by subjecting the stone to a great amount of pressure over a very long period of time, much like a diamond. What makes marble special is the myriad of color combinations and varying patterns. White marble is the product of pure limestone or dolomite under pressure over time. The way marble acquires the characteristic swirls and veins is through various mineral impurities that were originally present in the limestone layers. Minerals such as clay, silt, sand, iron oxide and magnesium will appear as different colors in the finished marble product

When considering the amount of time and specific conditions it takes to create a piece of marble, it is no wonder that for centuries mankind has held it in high regard as a sign of beauty. This beautiful resource has become popular with many interior designers who often implement it in bathrooms, hallways and kitchens. Its heat resistance and easy to clean surface makes it perfect for countertops. However, its natural beauty is not immune to aging. When your marble had a faded look, Statewide Stone Care's marble restoration in NYC will restore your marble fixtures back to its original luster.

Statewide Stone Care uses the latest equipment and up to date marble restoration techniques to deliver beautiful results and get your home or business to look shiny and new. To learn more about how Statewide Stone Care can help you with marble restoration in NYC, call for a free marble restoration quote, call us today at 1-888-574-5595. We look forward to helping you.

Friday, July 24, 2015

NYC Stone Care

natural stone fixtures add to the beauty of any living or working space. However, to ensure that beauty lasts, you must have your natural stone countertops, tiles and other fixtures properly taken care of. If you are looking for NYC stone care, Statewide Stone Care can help you. Our team of stone care experts offer our clients affordable and reliable stone care services throughout New York City's five boroughs.

For over 10 years, the stone care specialists at Statewide Stone Care have been providing homeowners and business owners with professional NYC stone care services. We help our  clients with a wide variety of types of natural stones, including marble, granite, limestone, travertine and terrazzo countertops, tile and fixtures. We use state of the art stone care equipment and techniques to ensure your natural stone lasts for years to come. 

If you are in need of NYC stone care, let Statewide Stone Care help you. For a free stone care estimate, contact us at 1-888-574-5595. We look forward to helping you.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Stone Restoration in New York

Are you looking for stone restoration in New York? Let the experts at Statewide Stone Care help you! Located conveniently in the heart of Manhattan, Statewide Stone Care sees to all of New York's stone restoration needs.

For over 10 years, the stone care experts at Statewide Stone Care has taken care of natural stone countertops, tiles and other fixtures for homeowners and business owners alike. We provide affordable stone restoration in New York across all five boroughs. We use state of the art stone restoration equipment and techniques to restore the luster and shine to your natural stone countertops and other fixtures.

Let us help you restore your old, faded natural stone fixtures back to their oiriginal state. If you are interested in stone restoration in New York for your home or office, contact Statewide Stone Care at 1-888-574-5595. We look forward to helping you.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Stone Restoration in NYC

Are you looking for stone restoration in NYC? Statewide Stone Care is the stone restoration company you can trust! With over ten years of stone restoration experience, our stone care experts can restore your previously installed natural stone to look as good as the day you bought it!

At Statewide Stone Care, no amount of aging or wear and tear can keep us from restoring your natural stone surfaces. Our friendly and experienced stone care experts can rejuvenate your natural stone countertops, floors and other fixtures to its original shine and luster. Using advanced stone restoration equipment and techniques, we can help you restore a wide variety of natural stone types, including:

Any of these natural stone surfaces can be restored by Statewide Stone Care. If you are interested in stone restoration in NYC by a company you can trust, please feel free to contact us. You can reach us by phone at 1-888-574-5595. We look forward to helping you.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Marble Restoration in NYC

Marble is a naturally occurring beautiful stone formation, created by applying great amounts of pressure over a long period of time to a type of limestone. This natural phenomenon is what leads to marbles smooth, beautiful texture and color. 

When we install marble fixtures in our homes or offices, we transform a common room into a wonderful display of decorative perfection. However, overtime, dirt, dust and other imperfections can find themselves trapped in your marble's porous surface. Restoring your home or office's marble countertops and floors to its beautiful and lustrous shine takes a professional. If you are in need of marble restoration in NYC, let the experts at State Wide Stone Care help you.

State Wide Stone Care uses the latest equipment and up to date Marble Restoration Services techniques to deliver beautiful results and get your home or business to look shiny and new, just like it did when you first had it installed in your home or office. Our stone care professionals understand how to properly work the surface of your marble fixtures to ensure the luster it once held is restored.

If you are interested in marble restoration in NYC, call State Wide Stone Care today for a free estimate at 1-888-574-5595. We look forward to helping you.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Granite Company in NYC

Are you looking to breathe life into your home by installing Granite countertops in your bathroom or kitchen? Or perhaps you are interested in granite flooring for your business? Let the experts at State Wide Stone Care, a granite company in NYC, help you. Granite is one of the hardest stones in the world and the only stone harder than steel that isn't precious. The nonporous surface of granite and extreme durability have made it a popular stone throughout history for sculptures, memorials and buildings. This wonderful stone's immense durability makes it a perfect choice for home and office décor. Perfect for countertops, granite is resistant to knives and heat. Granite comes in many colors, and it makes for a beautiful and unique accent to any home renovation.

Because of its durability, granite requires less maintenance than most other types of countertops and flooring options. An occasional professional cleaning will maintain the lustrous appearance the stone is known for. Our granite company in NYC can help you with a wide variety of granite services, including:

Our stone care professionals use the latest equipment and up to date stone restoration & repair techniques to give your clients the best to keep your granite looking as new as the day you had it installed.

to learn more about how State Wide Stone Care can help you, Call for a free granite service quote today at 1-888-574-5595.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Travertine Flooring Services in NY

Your travertine floors are looking like they can use some maintenance. Statewide Stone Care has been providing travertine flooring services in NY for over a decade. In fact, Statewide Stone Care has earned itself a reputation for customer satisfaction and top quality natural stone services in the NY state. You can trust the experts at Statewide Stone Care to deliver prompt and professional services, as well as to provide you with a free in-home estimate for any stone care job.

Travertine is a glossy stone similar in appearance to marble, but more durable in quality. Oddly enough, though its more durable, this type of stone is easier to cut than other types of natural stone like marble or granite. It is therefore more affordable and less difficult to install. It is available in a wide variety of colors and can be cut to different shapes and sized tiles. This gives the customer more choices and an easier time matching the travertine to existing décor. Another advantage to Travertine is that if a tile were to become damaged, it can be replaced without the necessity of having to replace the entire floor.

Statewide Stone Care offers many types of travertine flooring services in NY.
These include:
  • Repairs
  • Restoration
  • Polishing
  • Cleaning
  • Grouting
  • Refinishing
  • Sealing
  • Maintenance
Call for more information or to schedule a free in-home estimate for your travertine flooring in NY.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Stone Restoration in NY

For natural stone restoration in NY, trust the experts at Statewide Stone Care to get the job done to perfection. With over a decade of experience, Statewide Stone Car has established itself as a leading company in all stone care. Fully licensed and committed to providing the highest quality work, the professional stone care experts at Statewide rate 5 stars in customer satisfaction!

The natural stone serves as an excellent asset to the aesthetics and functionality of a home or office. Natural stone flooring and other stone surfaces are beautiful, luxurious, long lasting, and timelessly classy. Statewide Stone Care provides restoration services for all types of natural stone including marble, granite, limestone, travertine, and terrazzo. Using all state of the art equipment, the experts at Statewide Stone Care provide detail oriented and professional restoration for your stone surfaces at an affordable price that will leave you with a shining stone surface and a great feeling.

Your natural stone is worth investing in! Newly restored stone surfaces can give back to your home or office that touch of renewal and class. The best part of natural stone is that it is not a high-maintenance material. Therefore, having your natural stone restored once will leave beautiful and lasting results that you can be proud of for many years to come.
At Statewide Stone Care we provide a free in-home consultation for all stone care restoration in NY. Call to find out more information today!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Stone Sealing in NYC

If you are looking for stone sealing in NYC, Statewide Stone Care is ready to help you. At Statewide Stone Care, we are fully insured and bonded marble and stone care specialists. We provide homeowners and business owners with a variety of stone care services including restoration, polishing and maintenance, that will leave your property feeling new. Our professionals have the skills and necessary tools to properly seal your stone surfaces for a clean and beautiful appearance.

At Statewide Stone Care, our team of restoration experts is dedicated to providing our customers with clean stone surfaces. With our stone sealing in NYC, we will use the right tools and products to leave you with a beautifully sealed surface. Sealing the stone in your kitchen and bathroom will help block mold, mildew and microscopic organisms from growing between or on the surface of your stone.

Our restoration experts at Statewide Stone Care have our own fleet of service vans and supply our own maintenance and cleaning solutions. Our stone sealing in NYC will properly protect your stone surface from dirt and other bacteria and leave you with an aesthetically pleasing and lustrous surface for years to come. We provide free estimates for every stone sealing project we take on.

For more information on stone sealing in NYC, call Statewide Stone Care today at 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Marble Restoration in NYC

If you are looking for marble restoration in NYC, Statewide Stone Care delivers state-of-the-art natural stone and marble restoration services in New York City  for residential homes and commercial properties. At Statewide Stone Care, we are natural stone restoration experts with over a decade of experience restoring the life of a wide variety of marble surfaces. Our marble restoration professionals provide customers with quality marble restoration services with attention to details and great customer care.

The color combinations and varying patterns found in marble are formed through great amounts of pressure with various minerals over a long period of time. Marble's natural beauty has become very popular with many interior designers and homeowners. Marble can be seen throughout homes in bathrooms, hallways and even kitchens. Over time, your lustrous marble is bound to lose its new and shiny surface due to constant use. At Statewide Stone Care, our experts use the most recent tools and techniques to restore your marble’s beautiful appearance with our marble restoration in NYC.
Our professionals have been providing customer satisfaction with our proficient and affordable restoration services for more than 10 years.

We provide marble restoration in NYC to the following locations:
For more information on marble restoration in NYC,
call Statewide Stone Care today at 1-888-574-5595!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stone Restoration Services in NYC

Are you looking for stone restoration services in NYC? If so, Statewide Stone Care is a professional stone restoration company in New York restoring the appearance of natural stones in residential and commercial properties throughout NYC and the surrounding areas. For over a decade, our stone restoration experts have been using state-of-the-art techniques and tools to deliver beautiful stone restoration results. At Statewide Stone Care, our exceptional services and affordable rates have been providing customers with great satisfaction for their natural stone care service in NYC needs.

Stones are formed over a very long period of time through extreme pressure with minerals. The various color combinations and streaks seen throughout our natural stone are due to the mixture of minerals present during this formation period. The natural beauty of stone has become popular with interior designers and home owners throughout the world. With our stone restoration services, your stone surfaces will maintain their beautiful and new appearance years after they are installed on your property.

The appearance and durability of stone has attracted many homeowners and business owners to having natural stone installed for counter tops and flooring. Through natural wear and tear and everyday use, your stone surface can lose its shiny and fresh look over time. Stone restoration services will return your natural stone surface back to its original fresh and shiny condition.

At Statewide Stone Care, we deliver quality stone restoration services in NYC at affordable rates.

For more information on stone restoration services in NYC
call Statewide Stone Care today at 1-888-574-5595!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Stone Care in NYC

Have your natural stone floors or countertops lost their shiny appearance? If so, Statewide Stone Care is a professional stone care company specializing in a variety of stone care services. Our team of professionals has over 10 years of experience restoring the appearance of natural stone surfaces. At Statewide Stone Care, we are a customer oriented company and strive to provide our clients with quality services they can depend on.

Whether you need stone care services in your home or office, Statewide Stone Care offers services for both residential and commercial properties. We provide stone care in NYC for a variety of natural stones including marble, granite, limestone, travertine and terrazzo. All of these stones are durable and are great materials to use for flooring and countertops in bathrooms, kitchens and hallways. At Statewide Stone Care, we repair, restore, polish, clean, grout, refinish, seal and maintain all types of natural stone surfaces for beautiful results.

Natural stones are formed over a long period of time through great amounts of pressure. The beautiful streaks of color seen in these stones are due to the minerals present during the time of formation. Maintaining the glossy and smooth appearance of your stone surface takes very little time compared to the time it took for the stone to form. At Statewide Stone Care, our professionals will perform stone care in NYC to leave your property looking shiny, fresh and new once again.

For more information on stone care in NYC, call Statewide Stone Care today at 1-888-574-5595!