Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Granite Repair in NYC

Are you in need of granite repair in NYC? Many people choose granite to accentuate their home because of its unique quality and tough durability. Like many natural stones, granite can last a lifetime and beyond if maintenance is performed. Sometimes, naturally occurring fissures appear, or the granite cracks or chips. In these situations, granite repair in NYC can restore your granite countertop to its former, beautiful condition. Our professional natural stone restoration professionals have over 10 years of experience with granite repair in NYC, and we can have your countertop looking great in no time.

Things happen accidentally. Over time, granite - while still very durable - can become prone to chipping in rare situations. Sometimes a pot or pan is dropped on granite and chips some of the natural stone. In this instance, you should keep the chipped pieces and call for granite repair in NYC. We ask that you hold onto these pieces because granite is an all-natural stone and unique in its appearance and qualities. Matching a separate chip to your existing countertop is very difficult. With the chipped pieces, we can remedy your granite so it appears without incident.

When under stress, cracks in your granite can become visible. These differ from fissures, which are naturally occurring and typically do not cut through the entire stone. While we repair both fissures and cracks, they require different removal treatment methods. A simple test can be performed to determine whether a crack or fissure has appeared in your granite: run a finger over the affected area. Fissures are very narrow and won't be noticed by touch, however a crack will "catch" a finger from proceeding.

Likewise, cracks have a tendency to appear when granite is under large amounts of stress for long periods of time. Cracks are usually noticed near the kitchen sink, where the stone is under stress frequently. When you notice cracks or fissures, our professional granite repair in NYC service utilizes the most up-to-date methods to make your stone shine again.

Along with granite repair in NYC, Statewide Stone Care performs these services:

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