Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Stone Repair Company in NYC

Is your natural stone floor or countertop cracked, chipped, or in need of specialist care from a stone repair company in NYC? With over a decade of experience, our professional team delivers repair methods sure to restore your natural stone to beauty. Our dedication to preserving stone for years to come makes us a leading stone repair company in NYC. And with our commitment to excellent customer satisfaction and affordable rates, you'll be sure to have the result you're looking for at a price within your budget.

Countertops and floors are an integral part of your home. Not only do cracks in stone floors make for potential tripping hazards, but they take the focus off the beauty and place it on a blemish. Many stones like granite and marble are remarkably durable and see lifespans that reach decades, however they are not completely resistant to cracking. A heavy object dropped on your floor or regular stress places on your countertop can eventually crack or split the stone, requiring a stone repair company in NYC to fix the problem.

Don't hesitate to call our stone repair company in NYC when you first notice a chip or light crack in your stone. If left unrepaired, the crack could become deeper and expand throughout the stone, requiring stone replacement at costlier rates. Our stone repair services can remedy your countertop, floor, or backsplash and bring focus back to your stone's natural beauty - where it should be.

With our stone repair company in NYC, you get the years of experience, knowledge, and dedication you should expect for stone repair in NYC. We provide stone services including:
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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Marble Repair and Marble Restoration in NYC

Has your countertop received damage recently and you need marble repair in NYC? Perhaps scratches and holes have built up and you're looking for marble restoration in NYC. Either way, our stone repair and restoration experts have years of experience restoring your countertop or floor to its original splendor and can help revitalize your kitchen with our marble repair in NYC and marble restoration in NYC.

Marble is a beautiful stone, fabricated in similar ways as diamonds. The unique swirl of color dazzles homeowners and guests alike and with care, can last a long, long time. But let's face it, accidents happen. Though a particularly tough stone, marble can crack when placed under constant stress or in some cases, when a heavy object is dropped on it (like a pot or pan).

Marble repair in NYC can take care of many separated cracks in your countertop or floor, restoring to its former beauty. These crack repairs must be performed by professionals who know the stone and working methods to fill the crack, otherwise it may still be visible after marble repair in NYC is performed. Our professional team is dedicated to making sure your countertop and floor looks great, and uses marble repair methods that work.

If, over the years, you've noticed your marble losing its shine - it's time for marble restoration in NYC. Unfortunately, marble's surface is prone to dulling if not kept up with and can't simply be restored with a wipe-down. When we perform marble restoration in NYC, we utilize top industry equipment and solutions to re-create the shine in your marble. You'll love watching the sun's rays reflect off your fresh countertop, clear of cracks, dents, and dullness.

We provide marble repair in NYC, marble restoration in NYC, and the following services:

Taking care of your marble is imperative to a long lifespan. Our natural stone experts are prepared to bring your countertop and floor back to its former shine and restore your kitchen and home to shinier days.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cracked Stone Repair in NYC

Are you in need of cracked stone repair in NYC? Stone countertops are very strong materials that are built to last. Sometimes, over the years, continuous stress on the stone can cause a visible crack that requires professional care to make sure it is filled correctly to ensure it goes undetected. Our professional stone care restorers have over a decade of experience performing  cracked stone repair in NYC for homes and businesses alike. We use the most up-to-date stone restoration materials and techniques to restore the look of your stone countertop and make it smooth and beautiful again.

As mentioned earlier, stone countertops are built to last. This doesn't mean they can withstand everything - and sometimes accidents happen. A heavy load, pot, or pan dropped on an aged stone countertop can cause cracks, damaging the stone most of the way, or sometimes all the way through. Likewise, years of stress on a countertop may require cracked stone repair in NYC. Though cracks are not quite common in stone, they can sometimes occur near a sink - where the stone is constantly under stress.

Before and after | Cracked stone repair in NYC
Our stone restoration team uses advanced methods to revitalize your countertop. When you call us for cracked stone repair in NYC, you can rest-assured that your countertop will look like new again in no time.

We provide cracked stone repair in NYC for the following stones:

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Granite Repair in NYC

Are you in need of granite repair in NYC? Many people choose granite to accentuate their home because of its unique quality and tough durability. Like many natural stones, granite can last a lifetime and beyond if maintenance is performed. Sometimes, naturally occurring fissures appear, or the granite cracks or chips. In these situations, granite repair in NYC can restore your granite countertop to its former, beautiful condition. Our professional natural stone restoration professionals have over 10 years of experience with granite repair in NYC, and we can have your countertop looking great in no time.

Things happen accidentally. Over time, granite - while still very durable - can become prone to chipping in rare situations. Sometimes a pot or pan is dropped on granite and chips some of the natural stone. In this instance, you should keep the chipped pieces and call for granite repair in NYC. We ask that you hold onto these pieces because granite is an all-natural stone and unique in its appearance and qualities. Matching a separate chip to your existing countertop is very difficult. With the chipped pieces, we can remedy your granite so it appears without incident.

When under stress, cracks in your granite can become visible. These differ from fissures, which are naturally occurring and typically do not cut through the entire stone. While we repair both fissures and cracks, they require different removal treatment methods. A simple test can be performed to determine whether a crack or fissure has appeared in your granite: run a finger over the affected area. Fissures are very narrow and won't be noticed by touch, however a crack will "catch" a finger from proceeding.

Likewise, cracks have a tendency to appear when granite is under large amounts of stress for long periods of time. Cracks are usually noticed near the kitchen sink, where the stone is under stress frequently. When you notice cracks or fissures, our professional granite repair in NYC service utilizes the most up-to-date methods to make your stone shine again.

Along with granite repair in NYC, Statewide Stone Care performs these services:

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