Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Marble Refinishing in NYC

An invaluable quality of stone is that natural stone like marble is that it can be refinished after damage. Marble refinishing in NYC is cheaper and easier to do than the total replacement of the stone. The refreshing of the stone can result in a surface that looks as good as or better than it originally looked.

The stone refinishing or restoration process involves altering the surface of the stone for it to have the desired finish. For example, it may be taking a polished finish stone to a satin one. Statewide Stone Care has been refinishing marble and other stones for over a decade, we understand the art of refinishing stone is art because stone is truly beautiful. You should always take the proper measures when refinishing stone because it would tragic to ruin it. Here are a few things you should look out for when speaking to contractors.
Marble Refinishing in NYC 
Check the competency of the contractor
Before anything else, you should check the credentials and reviews of the company. Make sure they’re reputable, licensed and reliable. On our website you can see great reviews of our past service.

Keep off from contractors that promise you some miracle
The stone services do not require topical coating as it reflects the light in its natural form. It only needs finishing or polishing that has been professionally done. Ask what the contractor intends to do beforehand to reach the desired finish. At Statewide Stone Care, we are capable of restoring your marble and we’d never add unnecessary costs to our services to make more money. From the beginning we will be clear on what we will, how we will do it, and when we will do it.

Be sure that the contractor will protect the adjacent surfaces
Marble Refinishing in NYC
There may be other surfaces surrounding the stone surface such as carpet or wood. A professional restoration contractor will determine how to protect these surfaces. Water that may be used in grinding may damage other surfaces around the stone. Get to know of the plan beforehand or have it written in the contract. Working with stone is our specialty but we are also conscious of the other surfaces in your home.  

A survey is a must before quoting
Keep away from firms that just send you quote without first looking at the work to be done. It is important that the professionals see the condition of the stone and ask you about the desired finish. We give free in home estimates to assess your stone and the work that has to be done for your benefit.

To learn more about our marble refinishing in NYC, please call us at Statewide Stone Care today at 1-888-574-5595. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Granite Refinishing in NYC

Granite Refinishing
Granite has always been a popular choice for home surfaces and has a wide range of other uses. This is because of its unique qualities and peculiarities. It is incredibly hard, brittle and very resistant. Its ability to resist stress and the heavy traffic that comes with daily use makes it one of the top choices for surfaces like countertops at home and for walkways and lobbies in places of business. Statewide Stone Care has been specializing in granite refinishing in NYC for over a decade. We understand the unique beauty of granite as well as how to care for it when it needs a touch up.
Granite Refinishing in NYC 
Unfortunately, we often take these qualities for granted and misuse our granite. We do this by failing to follow simple tips like cleaning up spills immediately, regular cleaning and not using abrasive cleaners. The use of harsh chemicals continuously will damage the granite and leave it looking unappealing. Overtime, our granite surfaces can lose their beautiful shine and become very dull. This continuous wear and tear aided by acidic substances leads to rapid fading of the granite surface. As part of efforts to minimize the effect of such substances, there is a need to seal the granite surface. Sealing protects the surface against abrasive substances and goes hand in hand with the granite refinishing process. There is often the temptation to try and remedy the situation by going at it on your own with experimental cleaners.

It takes professionals who have the proper equipment and the requisite experience to prevent damage and give your granite a lasting look. Trying to fix your granite on your own might mean incurring more costs as a result of damages caused by your efforts.

Why you need a granite refinishing professional
Acquiring the necessary equipment is only one part of the major task that granite refinishing is. The skill and experience of a professional is indispensable when it comes to granite refinishing. A professional will be able to assess the extent of your problems as quickly as possible and proffer appropriate solutions.

A lot of companies offer this service but as it is such a delicate task, you should look out for one with a track record of delivering exceptional granite care. People who engage in home installations of granite surfaces are not necessarily qualified to handle your granite refinishing.

Getting the right fit for you
The company that has installed the stone fixture in your home may not be qualified or equipped to refinish it. Their services are more focused in transforming your home with stone so that it looks as if came right out of a stone catalogue, but not necessarily how to maintain that recently installed look. Statewide Stone Care has been trusted in NYC for over a decade in stone refinishing and has been trusted with the delicate process of refinishing stone ever since.

Granite refinishing is such a delicate process that you should not take chances by initiating an ambitious DIY project. With a granite refinishing professional from Statewide Stone Care you can relax knowing that your granite needs are in competent hands.

To learn more about our granite refinishing in NYC please contact us today at 1-888-574-5595.