Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Marble Repair in NYC

Marble is a wonderful natural stone that is extra durable and extremely fashionable. The benefits of marble are vast. Some palaces made from marble several thousand years ago are still standing tall today. But that wouldn’t be possible without craftsman performing expert marble repair in NYC, restoring it to its optimal condition. Through regular maintenance, it is no exaggeration to say that marble can last forever. At Statewide Stone Care, we use leading methods to rejuvenate your marble and give your countertop or floor restored value and shine. Without cracks and imperfections, your marble will dazzle guests to your home or office. So what are some of the common problems associated with this glorious material?

Marble is known for its water and liquid resistant properties. However, drinks with acid in them can cause a problem known as etching to appear in your marble. Chemical cleaners with acid will also cause this etching, or dull spots to sit within the stone. If the etching is deep, we can resurface the marble and restore it to its natural color pattern.

Marble can also lose its shine over extending periods of time. This is a natural part of the stone’s aging process. But if you want to roll back the clock and rejuvenate your stone’s shine, professional marble repair in NYC is right up your alley. After we polish your marble, you’ll see a more beautiful, resilient shine.

Although marble is made to endure water, everything has its breaking point. Large amounts of water or salt used to remove ice in the winter can cause several problems to the look of your stone. The marble can begin spalling, which is when small pieces of the stone begin to protrude from its surface. We need to stop this spalling immediately, before it necessitates a complete replacement of the marble stone. If you notice any flaking or pitting on the stone, the solution is simple. Marble repair in NYC, performed by our dedicated professionals, will provide you prompt relief.

The marble can take damage from a number of other environmental or weather factors, but we’ve listed three of the most common issues we see in the field that require prompt marble repair in NYC. 
We also serve NYC with the following marble services:

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