Monday, November 23, 2015

Granite Repair in NYC

Granite is among the versatile stones available for your home’s design. This surface material is both beautiful and highly durable. It is meant to last severe wear and tear and all sorts of potential threats from water and debris. Still, like any other stone, granite repair in NYC is a necessity. Our expert methods at Statewide Stone Care have gained us a reputation as a trusted source of granite repair in NYC. Our professionals are passionate about stones and their unique care methods, and we use our knowledge to restore the appearance of granite countertops and flooring for residents of NYC. Granite can take damage from all sorts of typical uses, but most commonly time is the largest factor that necessitates professional granite repair. So what types of problems will our granite repair service promise to tackle?

The most common problem associated with granite and other stones is discoloration. As the years will pass, colors will fade. This is to be expected. Still, there are ways you can avoid the discoloration by using only certified cleaning products and taking care of your surface top whenever anything is resting atop it. However, when you see the colors begin to fade, you don’t need to think about replacing the stone. We can restore the color to new light and bring it back to its original shimmer and shine with professional granite repair in NYC.

What about cracks and tears? These occur from water building up within the stone’s foundation. Try to avoid puddles sitting on the granite for extending periods of time to prevent cracks from appearing. We can’t repair large cracks of course, this will demand a complete replacement. But for smaller cracks and tears, we can set the granite straight.

When acids come into contact with the stone, they can wreak havoc on the surface. Many drinks contain acids, so be very careful about spillages. But the main way acids come into contact with your granite is through everyday cleaning products. When buying products to wash your granite’s surface, be sure that you look for products made specifically for granite and other stones. General wood polish or window cleaner could seep into the granite and cause splitting, peaking, cracking, white residue, and much more. Take care of your stone to prevent these issues. But in the event that you already have an aforementioned problem, we’ll be happy to restore your stone with our affordable granite repair in NYC.

We also perform the following granite services in NYC:
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