Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New York City Marble Refinisher

The first step to take when looking for a New York City marble refinisher is determine whether your marble is cultured, or natural. Natural marble is a solid piece of stone, limestone or dolomite, which has been metamorphosed due to heat and pressure. Cultured marble is a composite of resin and ground marble, it is less expensive than natural marble.
These tips from Statewide Stone Care, professional New York City marble refinishers, will help you determine whether your stone is cultured or natural.
Touch Method – lay your hand on the marble and if it appears to be cooler than room temperature, it is natural marble. Cultured marble will be about the same as room temperature.
Acid Test – With an eye dropper filled with a weak acid, such as vinegar, test a small patch of the marble. Choose somewhere inconspicuous, like under the lip the counter, or in the corner of a room. If the stone is natural, the test will produce a fizz, which is the release of carbon dioxide. The acid will not fizz on quartz, granite, nor synthetic material.
Scratch Test – Again in a small hidden spot, lightly scratch the surface with a knife. With a magnifying glass, see if there are any scratches. Natural marble scratches fairly easily with sharp objects, cultured marble does not.

With these tips you should know whether the stone in your house is natural marble, or cultured marble. If they have become dull, or lost their luster, and you are looking for a marble refinisher in New York City, call Statewide Stone Care today.

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