Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Stone restoration NYC

When the stone is broken, or worn out, it needs to be restored to the state in which it originally was. Whether the surface should be restored or a part of it depends upon the amount of damage. In both cases, you are required to hire professionals such as ours at Statewide Stone Care to carry out the job efficiently. Here’s what you would expect out of the job when you hire a contractor for stone restoration in NYC.
Stone restoration NYC 
We start with the first, most essential and aggressive step of the procedure, grinding. It is done so that there is a clean surface before we can begin with the rest of the process. What happens during grinding is that, the technician grinds down uneven surfaces and makes it even so that it doesn’t affect the appearance of the stone. A metal bonded, heavy weighted floor buffer is used in the process to remove deep scratches. To reduce the settling of dust, you can even choose to perform wet grinding that gives the surface a fresh and clean look. Once the process of grinding has been finished, the surface will be flat, even and have a radiant finish.

This is a much less aggressive phase as compared to grinding. The materials used are not as hard and coarse as in the previous stage. A lot of technicians tend to skip grinding and start with honing, as honing also removes moderate scratches but in a softer way. After honing, you get a flat floor just like you would in grinding but grinding gets rids of scratches better than honing. Make sure you know the difference as both processes are important to be carried out for long lasting finish.

After grinding, the surface has to be polished thoroughly so that the stone has a fine lustrous look by the end. A combination of higher grit compounds is used in this process to achieve an appealing and glossy finish.

Sealing is another significant and final step of the process. After the stone has been thoroughly ground, honed and polished, it is time to finish it up by sealing the surface. A sealant is used for the same, to protect the stone from any damage or wear and tear in future. The sealant also makes the stone resistant to oil, liquids and any other fluids that might leave a stain. After successfully sealing the stone surface, it adds to the beauty and appearance of your home giving it a brand new, glossy look.

Notify your contractor about the extent of the damage. It is necessary that you let them know everything in detail so that they can fix the problem without damaging the surrounding area.

When you hire a contractor from us, you can be sure that they not only fulfill the basic requirements of being licensed and insured, but you can also ensure that they are experienced. At Statewide Stone Care all of our contractors have years of experience and are experts in their field. We have made many clients very happy with our work and have always kept the customers concerns in mind, holding them at top priority.  

To learn more about our stone restoration in NYC please call us today at 1-888-574-5595. Of our stone care experts will be happy to help you.

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