Friday, April 21, 2017

Countertop Restoration NYC

Today, countertops are no longer considered extravagant and for use only by the rich and famous to showcase their wealth and aesthetic tastes; even the middle class people can afford them. People usually want to decorate their kitchen, bathroom and even workplace tops to match the color, theme and environment of their residences. We use countertops almost all the time; while assembling our meals, using the toilet and so on hence they get a lot of beating which as time goes on could cause them to wear, crack, or become dull.  So has your countertop become worn out? Has it started making you feel like you live in a house or you are in a building constructed in the 1990s? That’s where the idea comes in; countertop restoration in NYC
Countertop Restoration NYC 
If a full-blown kitchen or bathroom remodel just isn't in your budget, you can still get a modern, updated look for your countertops and it is good to know that no matter how little the crack looks, no matter how restorable you feel you can get your countertop to be; restoring countertops can be much more difficult to address for a person with little or no knowledge about it. For your countertop restoration, hiring the services of professionals from us at Statewide Stone Care will definitely pay off as you will get just the service that is worth your money and time.

Speaking of marble countertops and etching, unlike stains, discoloration, and water spots, restoring etching on marble countertops can be much more difficult to address for a non professional; this is primarily because etch marks are the result of the marble corroding due to acidic substances, such as chemical cleaning solutions or acidic fruits. Etching on marble is actually quite common on kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. You should get professional help when restoring your marble countertops.

When it comes to granite countertop restoration, since it is most commonly seen in older homes and buildings that have had granite for twenty plus years and have been subject to heavy use and/or regular wear and tear. Over time, granite countertops, especially in the kitchen, begin to dull under normal cooking and prepping of foods. Acidic liquids such as citrus juice, wine, and vinegar can etch the polished surface of granite making it dull. Hire the services of a professional countertop restoration company today and get that exclusively skilled work of restoration.  Countertop paint is one of the newest and most cost-effective ways to quickly and dramatically change the look of the countertops in your kitchen or bath if done properly most especially by someone who has been trained in it. A professional can restore and renew the look of your outdated laminate countertops, in a variety of colors and finishes, including granite. 

A dull and etched countertop can be buffed and polished back to its original glory by the right hands with the right tools. Not only does restoring a polished stone surface look cleaner and newer, but it also helps to resist stains better and makes the surface more durable. A well-polished and sealed granite or marble countertop wears better over time and makes it much easier to keep clean and maintain. If you've always thought that a countertop remodel was out of reach, think again, get professional help and try starting your transformation today.

To learn more about us at Statewide Stone Care or for more information about our countertop restoration in NYC, please call us today at 1-888-574-5595. One of our stone restoration experts will be happy to speak to you. 

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