Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Countertop Repair NYC

The countertop is one of the busiest surfaces in the kitchen. It is the place where food is prepared. Therefore, the chances are that it will get damaged after a period of use and misuse. Moreover, poor installation of any of the countertop surfaces can also lead to countertop repair. 

Today we at Statewide Stone Care wish to go into detail about how we go about countertop repair in NYC.
Countertop Repair NYC 
Tile countertops
Tile countertops can be repaired by replacing the damaged tile. Once the repair professionals have replaced the tile, they can also refinish the counter to give it a high-quality look and feel. This can be done with a new sealing over the surface or just a coat of paint.

Filling a tile crack with a sealing material usually does not last or look good for your countertop. Moreover, given that tiles are inexpensive, replacing is usually the best option.  

Granite or slab countertops
Granite countertops can be repaired by filling in with a pulverized stone and buffing the area smooth. The professional repair companies have granite patch kits that are worked in the area of the crack. 

Usually, the repair professionals mix the dry stone until they match the shade of the rest of the countertop. The liquid binders are then added to the dry stone mixed and then added to a catalyst. The mix is then pressed onto the crack area and the excess razor-ed off. The area is then buffed with a grit paper. 

Solid surface countertops
The solid surfaces are the easiest to fix. Depending on the size of the damage, your technician may sand or buff out the surface. Very deep damage may require a replacement of the surface.

Despite the relative ease in repairing the surface, you should consider calling our professionals at Statewide Stone Care. We are licensed, skilled professionals who will work towards a lasting repair. Seek professional help in repairing your countertops. It prevents further damage or the need to replace the whole surface.

To learn more about our countertop repair in NYC, please call us at 1-888-574-5595. One of our stone care experts will be happy to speak to you. 

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