Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Commercial Stone Restoration in NYC

If you are looking for commercial stone restoration services in NYC, it is best if you seek the services of professional. Stone restoration companies provide specialized stone restoration service on different types of stones in commercial buildings. The services range from a basic scrub, to cleaning, to full restoration that involves honing, grading and polishing your stone floor and walls. Some of the services offered by commercial stone restoration companies include:

Repairing natural stone surfaces

Floors and walls with cracks and scratches are dangerous to your employees, customers and everyone who accesses your commercial building. Professional stone restoration technicians can remove swathes and etching from your commercial walls and floors, using both the honing and polishing techniques. They can also use appropriate colored waxes to repair cracks and holes, then finish off with polishing to restore it to its natural beauty.

Cleaning the stones

Cleaning is another commercial stone restoration process. Cleaning your stone walls or floors include removing all the dirt and residue build up. It also includes removing old polyurethane seals, waxes, and paints and cement residue. This works well if your commercial building has not been clean for some years.

Honing and polishing

Depending on your budget and the extent of damage, honing and polishing can be done to restore your natural stones. Normally, stone restoration specialists use diamond polishing pads and polishing powder to make sure your stone looks as good as new.

Stone sealing

After cleaning, your stone surfaces can be protected using seals depending on the stones and finish. Using seals protects the stone surfaces from damage rather than doing maintainence services every now and them. Also, stone impregnators can be applied to sit in the pores of the stone preventing water, dirt, and grasses from damaging your stone surfaces.

Grout cleaning and coloring

If you are looking to change the color of your stone surfaces, recoloring your grout can be done to help bring your stone surfaces back to life. Cleaning the grout between the stone is another way of restoring your stone surfaces.

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